Tuesday, 23 March 2010

There's still time..... get your Easter presents!!

That was a huge hint that I have some lovely Easter goodies in my Folksy shop....!!

Subtle aren't I!!

Two days ago I had to sort out my 'craft cupboard' as I neede to squeeze even more stuff into it. I managed to sort through all my bits of fabric and fit in the new load I've just been given by a local upholsterer. All their lovely, lovely offcuts of upholstery fabrics which were destined for the bin...fantastic! With that and my two boxes of felted wool offcuts, which I was given by a Scottish mill we sometimes do piece work for, I have stacks of material to use.! My brain was busy whirring away while sorting and I've now started to wade my way through it all to make good use of all these beautiful materials. Now, I'm not the greatest sewer (don't tell anyone!) but after a disastrous first attempt I came up with these little 'nests' or bowls....

The insides are lined with repurposed wool from the mill so make a great little tray for precious jewellery...but for now they are 'nests' for some felted Easter Eggs...

The next lot will soon to be made into a little bag as the material was just crying out to be used!!

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