Saturday, 13 March 2010

Beach Day.

We had Mothers Day early today as we are all busy, busy, busy tomorrow so we decided on a day at the Seaside. It's a bit of a drive from where we are to the coast but it's through beautiful scenery most of the way so well worth the effort!! So we packed up the buckets, spades, picnic, coats, hats and kids! and headed off to St. Bee's (NW coast).

We stopped on the way over Hardknott Pass, which is a very narrow, very windy, very steep road over the mountains in the Lake District, to have a look at a Roman Fort right at the top. This is a beautiful area but very wild and in the middle of nowhere, I'm sure the Romans stationed there must have done something very wrong to be left there!!

Then onto St. Bee's and a happy hour or so beach-combing and sand-castle building before heading back for a lovely tea out. Aaaah bliss!

Those of you who read my Twitter or Facebook probably know I've been whinging about a sore hand and wrist, so for those of you who don't I'll whinge here too!!! After spending a lot of days working on my next Folksy item, which is a hand hooked Seaside wall frieze, my hands were sore, this seems to have developed into something a bit worse in one of my hands. I have a feeling it's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it is VERY painful at times, got to go to the Doctor's this week and see what he thinks but obviously this means I can't do any crafty things at the moment which is extremely frustrating. I spent most of today with my arm in a sling (on orders from Hubby!!) so we'll see if it just magically goes but it doesn't seem to be yet. GRRR!


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  1. Looks & sounds like a wonderfull day! Hope your hand is better soon