Thursday, 29 July 2010

Family xx

After not actually seeing my big brother and his family for about three years we suddenly got a phone call saying they were coming this excited!! My little nephew is now five and I can't wait to see them all. I remember times screaming at each other over stupid things and other times, when I lived with him after moving out of home, where he looked after me when I needed it. There's nothing quite like family is there!?

So my Folksy Friday today is all about that weird and wondeful institution..Families xx

Friday, 23 July 2010

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Look no Background!!

Well as you can see my blog has no background! The story so far.....The cutest Blog on the Block are having to move all their backgrounds onto a new hosting site and everyone with these backgrounds will have to update their background with new codes or (choose a new one).

As I am one of those people who go steaming ahead without reading all the details I merrily went onto their site and put in the new code but when I went back to my blog it still came up with their little message at the top saying it wasn't going to be there after 23rd. Sooo I think.....aaargh it hasn't worked, go onto another site, choose a completely different background, decide I don't like it and wipe everything off.........then read the bit on their blog which says it will come up with this message, even if you have replaced the code, until Friday when your background will be back to normal!!! Oops!! Now I can't get onto their site because the whole universe seems to be changing their background and no other background will do....ho hum!!  So there you are...a bare background, feeling a little chilly here right now brrr!!

Friday, 16 July 2010

We're Back!.....

We had a lovely time in the City of York (and other places) The weather was great most of the week and we visited lots of lovely places. No Folksy Friday today (again!) as I'm busy, busy, busy catching up with everything....

Here's just a snapshot of what we got up to......

and there is still so much left to see for our next visit!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Where is the sun?

Just as we are off camping for a week the sun has put in a disappearing act...typical!! I'm hoping it comes out again tomorrow ready to put up our tent, there's not much worse than trying to put up a rather large tent in the pouring rain and wind!! Yes, tomorrow we are off to York for a whole week on our own, no friends, no Home Ed group, no no-one...just us...can't remember the last time we went away 'properly'!! We are away quite a lot in the summer, camping here and there but it's either visiting family and friends or with our group so this feels quite unusual. Quite looking forward to it....

We are planning lots of picnics and days out and as it's our little mans birthday while we are away we have a day trip to the National Railway Museum planned. He has always been slightly obsessed with trains so should be a good day. Will try to take lots of pictures and share some when we get back.

Have a good week everyone x 

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Strawberries anyone?

The signs have now gone up...the pick-your-own strawberries are here!! I'm not a great lover of strawberries as they are but I do love a good dollop of strawberry jam on a fresh scone topped with clotted cream......mmmm. Now your mouths are watering here are some strawberry-tastic items from Folksy......