Tuesday, 1 May 2012

How long??

I know it's been ages again since I updated my here goes....

I've had a few sales on Etsy now with two Union Jack cushions winging their way over to America which has been fantastic, it has meant however that I've had to make more of them!! The plan was to make a blue and a pink version but I only got as far as finishing the blue which is now in my Etsy shop.

Up to now these have been made from wool offcuts from a carpet manufacturer but I've hit the problem now that I'm running low on certain colours so I think the next few weeks will be spent searching for another source. I really want to try and make as much from recycled / upcycled products as possible but we shall see if this is at all possible.

The next plan of action is to make some 'tongue in cheek' road sign this space!

Also, completely off topic but some of you may be interested (!) - our family have had a bit of a re-think about what we really want to be doing in the future recently and we have started a new blog about our journey to becoming more green, more self-sufficient, less in debt and less dependent on unhealthy foods!! Please come and join us as I'm getting a bit bored talking to myself at the moment!! Journey To The Green Dream