Thursday, 25 November 2010

Back from Somerset....

The kids and I have just got back from a trip to Somerset to see some of my lovely family. We thought it was cold down there........brrrr it's really freezing back up here in the North West!! Here's some of what we got up to....

Thursday, 11 November 2010

More than your usual buttons!! - Folksy Friday

Apparantly there is a 'Button Day' on the 16th of next week!! Not quite sure where or why but I though it would be a great idea to try and find some of the more unusual things done with buttons on Folksy. Buttons come in all lovely shapes, colours and sizes but have a look at these.......(those with a button fetish, look away now!!)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

November Sunshine....

We have had a gorgeous day today, blue skies, sunshine and puffy white clouds! Considering the amount of rain we had here a few days ago it was lovely to get out into the fresh air and enjoy it for a change. We went along the road and up to and old church tower looking out over the fields and mountains...
The 'new' church down the hill..

Lovely Oak tree in autumn colours..

The last week I have been busy making some bright and colourful flower brooches. These look great on a jacket or bag, and will really brighten up the colder winter days coming up..Made in any colour you like!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Down to the Greenwood.....

Yesterday we went along to the Greenwood Fair held at Leighton Hall, nr Carnforth. What a fantastic afternoon we had, the weather held off for most of it and the kids  spent a few happy hours making mallets, pizza's, dragonflies and masks!! I think this is quite a new fair (doesn't seem to have been widely advertised anyway!) where among the local envornmental groups and the big names like the RSPB etc there were lots of local green wood workers, stalls with wild food, chainsaw sculpture demonstrations and birds of prey amongst other things. And there was a brilliant lack of health and safety issues so the kids could actually have a go with saws and saw-horses, they did draw the line at the very sharp axe and chainsaws though!!    Just our cup of tea!!! ...

Making dragonflies from pegs!

Leighton Hall in the background

Strange people in costumes!!?

Sculptures from natural bits and pieces..

Chainsaw demonstrations - we managed to come home with a lovely little stool!

 For the boys....a woodchipper - this was amazing to watch, just seemed to chew up the logs in seconds!!

Getting tired - making mallets

Little Miss making her mallet