Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sewing Dunce!!

You know when you have an idea running around your head, you can see it in your minds eye but just can't figure out how to do it??

I do occasionally venture into the world of sewing but haven't done any for a little while so when my big idea of making some Mini Tote Bags from my stash of upholstery material came down to action my brain went into overload!! Ok... I know all you sewing bods out there are probably saying ....'Tote Bags...Easy!!' ...well I'm a bit rusty to say the least. I spent forever trying to figure out how to attach the lining to the main part and have the handles in the right place when I pulled it all through. My brain ached!! How could something so simple be so baffling?! The sad thing is I've made these before a few times so I really should know by now....DOH!

I finally figured it out after and managed to complete the bag but will I remember it for next time?.......probably not!! I think the only thing I can do is keep making them for now and eventually it will go in!! The bag turned out lovely, (well I think so) and hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow so I can get some pictures done.

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