Sunday, 14 March 2010

'By The Seaside' Wall Frieze - now listed!!!

It's done, it's last!! Just listed in my Folksy shop......

Three hand hooked pictures made with 100% recycled materials on lovely driftwood hangers. Very Happy!!


  1. Absolutely lovely! My 10 year old is doing her first latch hook kit (bless). I must show her what it looks like when a proffessional designs and makes their own!

  2. Ooooh professional, I like that!!! My head may not get through the day if you keep saying things like that he, he!!

    I hope your daughters comes out really well, it is a huge achievement when your first one is finished, just keep going!! See if you can sneak some pictures to show me!!

  3. Obviously that was meant to say 'door' not 'day'!! So chuffed to be called professional I can't even type properly!!

  4. really lovely wall frieze,
    I love the little boat,
    best wishes Sue