Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday again......

Well, it's Friday again and we have spent a fantastic day at our Home Ed group doing Digital Arts. A local Arts charity brought in loads of amazing digital applications, one being a music mixer where you can mix you own music on the computer. Don't know all the technical terms but this could be another way you could spend hours on the computer!! I WANT ONE!!

Anyway...... it's Friday..... so that means it's Folksy Friday and keeping with the theme of seaside and because we spent a lovely day last week on the beach looking for all those treasures you can find, I thought I would look for some Driftwood items. WOW!!! What gorgeous stuff! Here's just a few of my very favourite's, it was really hard to decide and I WANT ALL OF THESE TOO!!!  

Aren't they just beautiful!?


  1. Yes they are beautiful! I've spotted and admired some of these before but the slate/driftwood candle holder is new to me - love the simplicity - lots of other interesting things in the shop too. x

  2. I love driftwood & those chairs are really cool! We`ve got loads of driftwood - its irresistable, having a little bit of the seaside at home :o)

  3. Thanks for featuring me again! I adore that story telling chair!

  4. OOOh, i've already spied that story telling chair - it's amazing, driftwood boat builders is a fav shop of mine, i love the organic-ness (is that a word?) of drift wood...great picks, off to look at their shops now, brilliant picks x