Friday, 19 March 2010

Computer Friday....

Well, today is Folksy Friday again and while trying to think of a theme, I was reminded of a conversation I'd had with someone earlier in the week. Their daughter is busy doing a Silversmithing course at University and makes some beautiful jewellery and as part of her studies she was writing an essay on recycling materials. Her dad works with computers so she is trying to combine the two...computers and jewellery!! All those boxes of spare parts he has sitting at home could be put to very good use!! (just gone to look and found her on here, so she's first on my list!!)

Sooooo I had a quick mooch around Folksy and I've come up with some similar ideas and some a bit more obscure!! Not being a great computer geek myself I didn't think this would be particularily interesting but I think you'll agree it's quite intriguing to see what can be done. For all you computer nerds....enjoy!!





  1. Oh some fab choices I've not seen before -0 thank you for sharing you Folksy friday x

  2. The fossil comp mouse is cool!!! made me laugh (even though it's prob not suppoosed to be funny)...brill picks!