Monday, 1 March 2010

Fears and Frustrations....

I am not a particularily confident person, some people would say I was quite shy so Folksy has been a great way for me to get 'out there' without having to put myself up in front of anyone. I opened up my shop last year and plonked a few bits on there, mainly because I had made them and thought maybe they would sell?! There was also an ulterior motive in that, as we Home Educate our two children, one of us (hubby or me) needs to be at home. The only real way we could achieve this was to be Self-Employed, so that I wouldn't be hounded to go for job interviews etc...probably not a particularily good motive for starting a craft business but that's how it was!! I drifted through the last year, making bits and bobs and with no real oomph behind me. However, after selling a few items, I thought I really need to take this a bit more seriously and get going.

BUT.....After spending more and more time on Forums, looking at other peoples blogs, finding all these amazing craftspeople and artists who make such amazing things I am having what is commonly known as a confidence crisis!! Is my work really any good, am I making anything anybody wants, maybe I should just go back to pootling along, oblivious to what anyone else is doing!! Those are my FEARS...

Now my FRUSTRATIONS......I have so many ideas buzzing around my head at the moment but there always seems to be something in the way, broken sewing machine, no funds to buy what I need, really painfully slow computer which needs replacing, no room, no time...blah de blah de blah!!!

Now the thing is, do I carry on regardless, making what I can from what I have and give myself a boot up the backside  to move things along? Do I head towards the things I really want to do, a direction I really want my shop to take rather than sitting back and carrying on with bits of this and bits of that?...........Obviously the answer to all of those is YES!! I feel I really need to focus on what I  want to make and stick to it but to achieve this I need some of my frustrations sorted out!!! AAARGH!!

For the moment, I guess I will just keep going, heading towards where I really want to be in the future. I'm sure many people have been in the same place I have and I'm certainly not looking for any sympathy (!) but needed to get it off my chest....sorry!! 

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