Sunday, 29 July 2012

Neglected Blog! .... and something completely different!

I have been hopelessly neglecting this blog ....again! Lot's of things have been happening here in the wet and rainy Lake District, our summer came and then went, came again and really hasn't appeared back again at all! I'm working more at the little local sewing shop, also doing some sewing work for a friend's small business so everything else has had to be slotted in whenever I've had the energy and time.....which doesn't seem to be a lot at the moment! I seem to have a list a mile long to get done and ideas keep popping out of nowhere so really must get down to making more and soon.

However, I haven't been completely idle on the making front, there have been a few new hooked items, and a couple of commissions been completed .... 
British Road sign - slightly tongue in cheek cushions!
British Road Sign cushion.

Earlier this month my big sister got married, unfortunately we were unable to go but as a gift I tried something completely new and ended up loving the result....I know I said I was going to concentrate on hand-hooking this year but you know, things change!! These will be available in my Etsy shop very soon! .....

Cute eh?

Another one done for the sewing shop display..
These come in 8" rings, on natural calico and will be priced at £20 each, and they would be lovely keepsakes not only for weddings but births, christenings and anything else you can think of! I'm also looking into packaging for these to make them extra special (something like the top picture). Staying on the theme of embroidery hoops, there will also be some name door hangings coming up this space! With a commission for a personalised hand-hooked cushion in the immediate pipeline, these may have to wait a short while...


  1. You are doing great there Naomi keep going you will never get to the end of the list as it is forever growing (I know that from experience :-) ) but it is a great feeling when you tick something off the list. B XX

  2. LOVE your embroideries Naomi - what a lovely gift. I bet they will do really well on Etsy! Your road sign cushions are great fun too.

    Know what you mean about being so busy - my blog is being neglected too lately.