Friday, 16 April 2010


I know this is not a normal blog post but it is one that I feel needs putting out there.

We have a lovely young friend, Alice who is 14 years old, she also has Hodgkins Lymphona and has spent a long time going through radiotherapy, chemotherapy and being very sick. She desperatly needs a Bone Marrow Donor as there is no-one on the registers at the moment who matches hers. Her appeal has now 'gone public' as time is running out, she really, really needs to find a donor and quickly. If you are not registered already, please, please have a look at this website: and decide if this is something you would like to have available if someone you love needed it!!   

I know there are other charities for overseas so just find the one nearest you. The more people who register, the more chance Alice and hundreds of other people have.

Please, just consider it and share this as much as possible to make more people aware.


  1. Thank-you for the tip, will go off to register. Kxxxxx

  2. Just about anyone between the ages of 18 - 40 are eligible to register, and will remain on the register until they reach 60.

    This is such a simple procedure for the donor yet a miraculous treatment for the patient.

    My son was a lucky receipient of a bone marrow transplant (as were many of our 'now' friends) and the lives of the children and families involved have been greatly enriched by the selfless act of registering.

    Not everyone is going to be a match, but just one is needed to help Alice in her battle, and that one could be you...

    It's such a simple saliva test to see if you are eligible.

    Hope you don't mind, but I'll add a link to your blog on my facebook etc..

    Sending positive thoughts and strength to Alice and her family and friends xx

  3. Thanks Naomi! As you know every bit of publicity at this stage will be a huge help, they really are at the end of the line. Please post if everywhere you can think off.

    and Thanks BlondeDesign xx

  4. Hi. I can't register, but I can hopefully give you a bit of hope. I was 13 when I was given a 5% chance of survival. A match was never found, my bone marrow is too rare. However I had an autologeous transplant and even though the disease came back it is such underlying levels I don't really notice it. I'm 30 now, one healthy boy despite all the Dr's prognosis and another baby on the way.
    I hope a match is found for your friend.