Thursday, 1 April 2010


I am in bag mode at the moment, using some of my lovely upholstery fabric offcuts I was given by a local upholsterers. I finished bag two last night and am now onto number three. I love the fabric on this one, it's so lush!! The sun was shining this morning so I managed to get some pictures for you.....


  1. Hi, I love your bags the fabric looks a soft, velvety texture. I've been trying to work out where your pictures have been taken. I live at Tebay and they look like the view as I drive into Kendal. I'm ashamed to say I'm guessing. Thanks for all your comments being new to blogging means I have no idea how to reply back to you. I'll work it out!

  2. We live just outside of Kendal (on the Windermere side!) if that helps. It probably is the same mountains, maybe from a different angle!

    The fabric on the bag has a lovely soft velvety texture on the 'spots'. I'm glad it came out in the pictures as it's not always easy to describe!!