Monday, 12 April 2010

Come Walk With Us....

Today was such a beautiful day it seemed a shame to sit indoors so we packed some lunch, dragged the kids away from the computer and off we went.
We love geocaching, which for those of you who don't know is an International game of finding little boxes of  treasure, which are hidden all over the world, with a GPS. ( As we are fortunate enough to live in an amazingly beautiful part of the UK we seem to have an abundance of these hidden away right on our doorstep....great! We were just checking on some Geocaches which we had put out a little while ago and this takes us on a round walk, in a relatively undiscovered part of the Lake District, so I thought you may like to come along and enjoy the scenery too!
   You can't go anywhere in the Lake District without seeing sheep!! This being the famous, local Herdwick variety!

Just checking one of the Geocaches (hidden in the tree...shhh don't tell anyone!)

Across the little wooden bridge.....

 Past some big lumps of rock (and a quick Geology lesson by Mr. WoollyLakes!)

Enjoy the view whilst eating lunch .......

Over a little stream, trickling through the countryside......

Time for another drink (courtesy of Mr. WoollyLakes new Swiss Volcano Stove.....he just had to try it out!!) and for Little Boy Blue to try out his photography skills.

 Then onwards past some lovely bright yellow gorse.......

Time to dip our toes in the nice cool's freezing!!!

A great end to a lovely down by Lake Windermere in gorgeous sunshine......Life is good xx

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  1. you are so lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the country