Monday, 19 April 2010

Hearts, hearts, hearts.....

Sorry I haven't written much over the last few days and even missed the Folksy Friday!! (Tut, tut!!) It's been a weird kind of week, the weather has been gorgeous so we've been out and about at every opportunity enjoying it while it lasts!

BUT, I have been working as well...... even taking it with me at times....

and the evenings have been spent frantically making lots of heart brooches for a craft fair this weekend. Handhooked onto Hessian and half finished with beads or buttons, still to be backed then cut out and the brooch pins sewn on....never ending!!

 I've done some weird and wacky ones this time as well so we'll see if they sell. I'm off to Grange Prom Art on Sunday to share a craft table with a friends daughter who makes jewellery. Hopefully the weather will be good as we are outside and feeling a little bit nervous as I've never done a 'proper' fair (only a church fair!)  before and this one does get quite busy!!  Should be fun though.

I've also been getting on with some bags which have just been listed on Folksy, part of my Summer bag range. 

PHEW !!!!!

and now relax......... well not yet but here's a few photos to help out, taken this week, in the beautiful sunshine.....


  1. Cute bages with those buttons. Kx

  2. That hand-hooking is amazing!

  3. loving the hearts and the bags, and the scenery,

  4. I know we are VERY fortunate to live here. We are 'incomers' up here, we've been here for ten years now but sometimes we have to remind ourselves how lucky we are, you tend to get used to what you see all the time!!

  5. Wish I was sitting by that stream - looks gorgeous!
    Your hooked hearts are fab! Hope you do really well at the fayre

  6. Really cute hearts. I hope you do well at the craft fair. x