Monday, 26 April 2010

Craft (Un)fair!!

Yesterday was the first date in the 'Grange Prom Art' season. This is a monthly art and craft fair which runs from April through to September (6 in all). As a young friend of ours had booked a table for the whole lot, and then realised she wouldn't have enough jewellery to really cover the area, she asked if I wanted to join her and share...great!!  I've never done a 'big' craft fair before so was a little bit nervous and spent last week frantically making lots of littler bits which may have tempted people to buy.

After having a beautiful, sunny week we woke up to pouring rain on the day  AAARGH! Did I forget to mention this is an outdoor event, along a breezy prom looking across at Morecambe Bay?? The website advised it was definately going ahead so we packed up early and drove over. Fortunately the rain had stopped by the time we got there but it was COLD!!

Well.....we spent all day sitting in the cold breeze and I made the grand total of £9.00 ...woohoo!! Yes, I know..useless! Still, I did learn a few things......

Firstly, that next time we will take another table (we were squashed onto one) as the area they give each 'stall' is really quite huge! Big enough to easily fit in two pasting tables which is great.

Secondly, we will take a windbreak to fix onto the railings behind us!

Thirdly, take more coffee!! 

It was interesting to see what people looked at on my stall and funnily enough it was the bigger, more expensive items (hooked wall hangings)  that got the most genuine interest!! Funnily enough this is the area I would like to develop more but always thought that people didn't go for that kind of thing!

So although it was a bit disappointing it's sort of made me more focused for the next projects. I really enjoy rag rugging and making hand hooked items so this is where I'm heading next...with a more contemporary twist maybe?


  1. its good that you can come away from an experience like that with so many positives, well done,
    joy xx

  2. Wow! Sounds a bit of an ordeal? I once did a rubbish fair that resulted in 3 orders later on, one of them really you never know!

  3. Hmmm! I've been there - thats why I started selling online instead. Great items - love the pixie hoodie!