Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pots and Castles....

Yesterday was hubby's birthday and as he has been dying to have a go at some pottery we headed of to a little place up at Brougham Hall near Penrith called Crafty Monkeys (  This is a little pot/figure painting workshop but they also have potters wheels where they show you how to throw a pot and then you go back to paint it later on. The kids settled down with some figures to paint while hubby got to play with the clay! His first attempt was great and happened really quickly, a lovely little cup. He then decided to make a small bowl which was a bit more tricky!! After about his fourth attempt he was happy with the result.

Ok, the title about a castle isn't strictly true but it is in the ruins of an old hall which is slowly being renovated privately. The guy lets out some of the refurbished units to crafts and small businesses and there is a nice little cafe there too. Well worth a visit!


  1. Looks like a lovely place to visit. Glad he had a good day. :o)

  2. Sounds like a nice day out - Id love to go play with clay like that :o)