Sunday, 30 January 2011

Save Our Forests!!!

Today we went off to our local Forest in Grizedale for a protest against the government selling of these publicly owned forests to private buyers. Grizedale is a fantastic forest, run by the Forestry Commission with walking routes, bike routes and bridle paths as well as an education centre, visitors centre and great adventure playground and this is just one of many forests being earmarked for sale.......

Some private owners, of course, would be great and leave them just as they are but there will always be some, for whatever reason, may close footpaths, fence of 'their land' and refuse access to walkers, bikers and riders. We have so few forests left we really can't let this happen.

Our kids could easily spend all day playing and exploring in the woods (and often do!!) and it would be a real shame if future children don't have that chance.

We unfortunately got there a little late (what's new!!??) but were pleasantly surprised how many people had turned out to support the cause, (we British can be a bit reserved you know!!). Most of the local MP's were there (except the Tories...shame on you!!) and all of these have pledged their support which is great.

So if you want to show your support, not just for the forest in Cumbria but around the rest of the UK too please come and sign the petition here....

Thanks x

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