Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A New Year

I can't believe my last post was way back on the 10th December!! I've had a busy run up to Christmas with my weekly Market stall, a couple of small commisions to do as well as trying to keep Folksy going. I have to admit that my Folksy shop is looking sadly depleted and dejected but I will get on and sort it out soon. For now my time and energy is going to have to be spent sorting out accounts and making lots more items to sell. After spending New Year with Mr WoollyLakes family it will be all systems go as of tomorrow!!

I guess everyone does a little bit of reminiscing at this time of year, looking back over how the year has gone, where we are now and what we want to achieve next year so here's mine....

2010 Highlights.
 - Started my Folksy shop seriously (had only messed about before!)
- Had a table at a local Pirate Day - an experience being placed next to a tombola table full of lovely cheap plastic toys!!
- Did six months at Prom Art, a monthly art and craft fayre along the Prom at Grange-Over Sands, a really lovely atmosphere and a great experience to see what people actually like!    
- Got out of my comfort zone and started having a table in our local indoor market, still going well.
- Had a brilliant day at my local church Christmas Craft Fayre

Now to 2011.... 

- Market starts again on 14th (maybe 21st depending on how much more stock I have made!) These will be quiet months so we'll see how it goes and if it's worth doing it for the next little while.
- Focussing first on making smaller items, I've found these sell better on the stall than the more expensive items. Also going to concentrate on the sewing side rather than knitting and hooking...these will still be going on in the background though! Making batches of the same items rather than having bits and pieces all over the place!
- Will be doing Prom Art again this year, hopefully the weather will hold again.
- My Folksy shop will be re-stocked and left to tick along as it did last year. I will try to get onto the forums a bit more and be sociable!!
- I have had a Zibbet shop not really doing very much so this year I must get this sorted and list items regularly. This also goes for my website, I've decided to concentrate on these and see if I can make some sales rather than trying to get onto Etsy.
- MUST write my blog more frequently!!
- One thing I would like to do this year is try and find some more local craft fayres to get into, I know there are a few around here, being a big tourist area but it's just finding out about them before they are actually on!!  We have also unbelievably just been given a caravan so maybe this would be an oppurtunity to travel a bit farther afield...who knows!!?

Well.....that's a start at least.....boring reading I'm sure but it's helped me at least!!    


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