Saturday, 13 February 2010

Square Eyes!

It feels like I have been sat in front of the computer all day today, trying to decide the background for this blog. Wow, I never knew there were so many free options out there to make blogs look lovely!!

Here are a few of the ones I have waded through today:

I'm still not totally convinced so it may change every so often depending on what mood I'm in!!

In between while the computer was going soooo sloooowly and driving me insane I was busy making a long coloured braid to hold up a knitted banner (soon to be in my Folksy shop.) Very theraputic and I can even get it done while the kids run around like mad things with friends in tow...great!! Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures tomorrow and maybe even get it finished.

I was wondering while making these braids whether these may sell in their own right? mmmm, will have to investigate....


  1. Good luck with your blog ... It looks beautiful!

  2. I really like your background, the colours you use are easy on the eye, and as a migraine sufferer I find some bright blogs hard to stay around long enough to enjoy reading,
    pam x

  3. Yes, I agree averilpam!! I tried quite a few that looked nice until I put them onto the blog itself. I found my concentration was being drawn to the lovely patterns and colours and not on the actually blog!! Probably why my eyes ached so much!