Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sloooow Sunday

Not really done very much today, had a run out to pick up some used Vegetable oil for hubby's new Bio Diesel project, ate McDonalds for lunch (not on the Slimmers World diet but hey!!) and finished the braid for my banners. Oh....and got some yummy chocolate Brazil nuts (also not on Slimmers World diet!) and managed to eat about four while my poor starved children scoffed the rest!!

Just a lazy Sunday, I guess after nearly 18 years of marriage, Valentine's Day doesn't hold the same excitement anymore, or maybe we are just getting boring in our 'not too old' age! Still.. 18 years is pretty good going nowadays so we must be doing something right!

Just before the McDonalds we did manage to go to the library to stock up on reading material. I now have a good book on modern art to delve into for one of my next projects, which will be coming up shortly.....

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