Wednesday, 17 February 2010

So many lovely things, so little money!!

First....we have pictures! The new Funky Banner which is now in my shop.

The braiding which was used is also available as a seperate item. These can be used for piping, edging, strings, necklaces and any other uses which you can think off.

Today we had a few bits and pieces to take care off in town, I should know by now not to go near the place as I always end up spending far too much money on things I supposedly desperately need! Well, today was no different, I made the fatal mistake of going into my favourite sewing / crafty shop 'just to have a look'. Mmmmmm, so many pretty things, so much I could do with them, it was just meant to be.....wasn't it?!

Ok I spent far too much money I shouldn't have been spending, managed to get myself drawn into a Crafty Competition in aid of Cancer Care and even my hubby decided to join in and do the same!! The 'just having a look' turned into some new needle felting needles, a lovely wooden needle holder, some gorgeous Sari Yarn and two packs of Textured Yarn to be used in the competition. Oh well, could have been worse....and the competitions in a good cause!!

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