Friday, 3 September 2010

Fireworks and Cars - Folksy Friday

Last night was the start of Mintfest-Kendal's International Festival of Street Arts and we headed of to see 'Bombs Per Minute' by Les Commandos Percu - an amazing long show using fireworks effects with some fantastic rhythmic drumming by a group called Les Commandos Percu. Prior to this there had been a short show by Adrift which was brilliant as well. If you are in to quirky, sometimes bizarre street arts this is the festival for you!!  There is a whole weekend of things running in Kendal so can't wait to see what else there is coming!!

Anyway.....getting back to the point......on the way home, very late with two very tired children in the car (one feeling ill!), we managed to hit a HUGE rock which was on the side of the road and about a minute later the car was feeling very sorry for itself. It had punctured the front tyre completely and not sure what it's done to the back one or the tracking!! So there we were at 10.30pm, pitch black, sitting in the middle of a tiny country lane having to change a tyre. Needless to say tempers were a little frayed at this point!! Ho could be worse...

So in sympathy for our poor car here is a Folksy Friday all about just!!

and one chosen by my little lad just because he likes it!!


  1. Lovely motor picks. My son would adore that retro without a cause T shirt, he is just learnig to drive and cars are a big hit, not literally!

    Natalie x

  2. Terrible luck with the the T-Bird T-shirt and The Sunday Drive ....have a great weekend i hope (-:

  3. Hope you're recovered from your ordeal?!

    Your son has good taste - that bookmark is great!

    Thank you so much for featuring my print!
    Emma ♥