Friday, 24 September 2010

Caravan of Love!! - Folksy Friday

We've just got back from a lovely few days away near York (again!) Being slightly less hardened campers these days we managed to borrow a little caravan of a friend to keep us lovely and snug. I have to admit to having an abject fear of pulling caravans along busy roads, not helped by starting our adventure in very wet and windy conditions, nearly losing it after a huge gust hit it side on just down the road from home!! Still, after the 'white knuckle gripping the door handles' for half an hour afterwards I managed to relax and we had a  nice calm, drive over (only with a slight queue of trafic behind us!!)  The caravan did come into it's own once on the campsite, we were nice and snug whilst our friend in a tent wasn't!! So here is a Folksy Friday all about caravans, campervans and anything else like that which caught my eye.......


  1. Amazing collection of caravans, I love all your picks!

  2. Lots of shops I haven't seen before, must check them all out!

  3. Fab finds! Loving all your choices but especially the ceramic caravan and the campervan handbag

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