Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Bizarre, Weird and Wonderful......

Today we spent most of the day down at MintFest enjoying all the amazing street entertainers who were doing their stuff all around the centre of Kendal.

Here are just a few of the shows we enjoyed...(or just watched becuase they were completely bonkers!!....)

Kuljit Bhamra's CHUTNEY - had to get a picture of this fantastic little vehicle!!

La Cabane De Pepe - a walking theatre which the kids loved.

Some very random show - still not sure what that was all about!!

Dr Butlers Hatstand Medicine Band - the guy on the trumpet was amazing! 

And this was our absolutely incredible show, the pictures really don't do it justice but it was brilliant and this girl must have muscles like iron!! 'The comical and surprising tale of a window-dresser and a special mannequin that has rather more life than one might think' She kept her body completely still and straight while being flung all over the place.......incredible!!  Yes...... she is a real human being!! Oddlings - Mannekino


  1. Brill pics, Naomi. What is it about men and pink skirts? Any opportunity to wear one and they jump at the chance!

  2. Wow! Bizare-ness! Looks like lots of fun

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    The Oddlings was my favourite also. I took quite a few pictures and will post them on my blog in the next couple of days if you want to drop by and take a look ( )