Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ponies, Picnics and Puppets!

Meet Bob and Charlie!!

Today we have had a lovely day with some of our Home Ed group, at a barn on a hill with beautiful sunshine!! We met up in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere (although actually quite near to Penrith!!) and joined Barney who lives in a lovely barn with no electricity and an outdoor compost loo. We were welcomed by a lovely warm bonfire and a hot kettle..always a good start and the day went on from there.

First his Mum led us all in a fantastic Shaddow puppet workshop in the dark barn, complete with sofas and soft cushions, and then the kids made some of their own puppets to make into little shows of their own. Mixed into this we also had some fantastic music from Barneys girlfriend who has the most amazing voice!  Not the most brilliant picture but it gives you the idea!!

Then a picnic lunch in the warm sun with the bonfire blazing, and on to pony trailer rides with two beautiful cart horses who patiently went around a field lots of times with noisy children (and adults!) on the back.

The barn had lovely woods and fields around so the kids were free to run and play for hours and it has been a fantastic, relaxing day (even with the outdoor compost loo!) 

On the craft front.......I've had two sales this week...Hurray and managed to get four sets of Pirate Bunting finished last night. I'll try to get photos tomorrow!


  1. well done for your sales, and what a lovely day out you had.

  2. What I said was ... I'd love to have home educated my daughter but couldn't find any like minded people around here. Looks like a lot of fun.