Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hard life!!

Yesterday was gorgeous sunshine here in the Lake after spending all day working and then digging  the garden we decided to get out and enjoy the day least for a little off we went to Lake Windermere for tea! Sausages sizzling in the pan and flies trying to eat all the salad but it was blissfully lovely!! We lay around and enjoyed the sunshine .......

while the kids played......
Discovered a little mermaid sitting on her rock!...

and a handsome, long haired prince.....

Aaaaah it's a hard life!!


  1. Have spent many childhood hours by Lake Windermere, so thanks for the memory reminder.
    Marie x

  2. green with envy, joy xx

  3. We used to holiday in a cottage on the side of lake windermere and take the dinghy sailing. . . went to Lakes most years as a child.
    :o) xx

  4. My parents are holidaying at Windermere this week!Great to see the Lake looking so gorgeous.
    Best Wishes Sue

  5. I know we are so fortunate to live here, after living for many years 'down south' we really appreciate the Lakes!!

    Sue - hope your parents have a great holiday, unfortunately the weather has not stayed so lovely!!