Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pirate Day ......

Today was 'Dress Like A Pirate Day' run by a local pub in aid of Alzheimers charity. I had booked a 'craft' table and duly turned up at 10 am to set up. I had been informed earlier in the week that I would be in a marquee ....great! warm and I didn't have to worry about the weather!! Well....true but realised as soon as we went in that I wasn't so much a 'craft' tent as a plastic fantastic tent!! Situated right in one corner with a double table full of cheap and nasty plastic pirate stuff and two lucky dip boxes full of sawdust.....hurrah!? Ok.... I'm not ungrateful, it was a free event, just a donation given at the end and it was their first year of running it and it was a family fun day not a craft fayre as such.

However, being between the plastic fantastic table and a lovely table with some very delicious local Damson Gin (with free tasters!) I knew it wasn't going to be great sales wise. So this is how it went....the kids dragged their parents in to buy plastic guns, swords and to have a go at the lucky dip, the poor tired parents caved in and while the kids were choosing their latest toy which would last them five minutes, the parents were gazing longingly at the Damson Gin table. As soon as the money had been handed over and the kids appeased, the parents were already slurping at the free tasters.....bypassing my table completely! HARRUMPH!!

There were actually only two other 'craft' stalls there so I hope next year, more will decide to come along!! I did have some lovely chats with people and was even given a bag full of gorgeous Alpaca wool (just little bits) by one of the other 'craft' stalls who had some equally gorgeous Alpacas there!! Quite a few people took cards and a few people bought something.... so all was not lost.

Meanwhile my little man (6 years old) and Mr WoollyLakes went off on a Bike Treasure Hunt which ended up being about three miles long along roads and bridleways. For a little man who only started riding his bike a few weeks ago he did brilliantly and got a lovely medal at the end which he is very proud of and we were very proud parents too!!What a star!!


  1. A big well done to the little guy and Mr Woolly! Lucky you getting free alpaca wool. Didn't you want to take the alpaca home with you too?


  2. There were four, all cuddly and yummy....Mr Woolly objected though. Mind you they do make funny noises!!

    The alpaca wool is some of the leg wool (fleece not yarn) so it's only short peices but I'll have a go felting with it at some point and see how it goes. The lovely lady who gave it to me also does knitting wool so may have to visit them to see the Alpacas again!!

  3. We have an alpaca farm not far from here, it's on the way to our parents and we always argue that they are alpacas, my hubby insists they are still llamas!
    Ahh well.


  4. I liked the Pirate Day post very much. Great observation in regards to the Gin! (-:

  5. oh dear, I hate it when pretty much as soon as you get there you KNOW this isnt going to be a great venue! Your stall looks fantastic in your photo. Never mind, at least you met some nice people & got some alpaca fibre to play with.

    Your little man did very well indeed - bet he slept well!