Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Folksy Fairytale -(based on a few true stories!!)

(Please note this story is based on facts from other people, not written as my story!!)  

Once upon a time there was a little crafter who made beautiful gifts for her family and friends, many of whom said that if they loved her work, there would be others out there who would also. Our little crafter set off with her wares to search for just the right place to share them with the world and came across the lovely, small, local little country of Folksy. As she was a bit shy and lacking in confidence she asked the leaders of this country if her wares were acceptable and was welcomed in with open arms, and her confidence was boosted when lots of people bought her wares and commented on how lovely they all were. All was good.

The little crafter went on to spend much of her time and money working hard to make her little shop work, telling others enthusiastically about this new wonderful world she had discovered and making friends along the way. Of course there were the usual antagonists and busy bodies in the country but she learnt quickly who to trust and take advice from and who to ignore.
Unknown to our naive little crafter, there were rumblings and whispers from some quarters, and as the country of Folksy grew bigger, got richer and became more powerful these rumblings grew louder. Until one day the leaders of Folksy said ENOUGH!! WE ARE THE LEADERS,WE HAVE RULES AND REGULATIONS WHICH MUST BE OBEYED..........Our little crafter carried on as usual, thinking all is well, my items were welcomed, they assured me everything was fine, they have taken my hard earned cash and I have been faithful to them....this doesn't affect me...........

Sadly, she was wrong....

Sadly, her items were no longer acceptable...
Sadly, her items which she lovingly worked on were not considered 'Handmade' enough....
Sadly, all the time and money spent telling others about the wonderful country of Folksy had been thrown back in her face.....
Sadly, she could see others with wares just like hers being patted on the back and congratulated.... 
......and what is perhaps saddest of all, it felt like some of those people she had got to know and trust along the way had turned against her and others like her.

Well, I hear you say, she could pick herself up, make things that are acceptable and carry on, couldn't she?!........

Except for the simple fact that the country she knew as Folksy has changed, any enthusiasm and loyalty she felt towards them has been dashed and the trust she had put in them and some of her fellow countrymen is now gone. She feels upset, angry, and completely let down.

But our little crafter is resilient, she packs up her wares, closes the doors of her shop and walks away, head held high and back straight to join with the multitiude of others heading the same way. She will just find another country, somewhere where she feels accepted again and somewhere she will learn to trust and join in with their community and she will survive. 

Meanwhile the country of Folksy will no doubt carry on and probably thrive in their own way. Soon there will be new people looking for somewhere to share their treasures and no doubt will be welcomed with open arms. Maybe soon, this new country will get bigger, earn lots more money and become even more powerful, then who knows what will happen. Maybe they will decide there are far too many bags, bunting and buttons for their liking and then the rules and regulations will be dusted off again and shouted from the highest pile of wool they can find.

Beware time it could be you..........


  1. Wow a true "fairytale"... But yes I am still there but watching my back and diversifying!

  2. I'm finding myself more and more lost for words and more and more concerned. But I wish you all the best for finding a new country.

  3. Well said, Naomi. The bit about our fellow countrymen who we'd grown to trust turning against us brought a little lump to my throat. That, I think, is the most hurtful part of it all.

  4. So very true and exactly what happened to me too. Well done and well written, Wish I could put my feeling down in writing as you have.

  5. I have to admit to not really writing this as much for me as other people who have been seriously hurt and offended. My 'wares' would probably pass the criteria as they stand at the moment although my new ideas wouldn't. I have sent an email to Folksy regarding this but surprise, surprise no reply as yet!! My shop is on holiday in support but I am definately looking elsewhere in other 'countries' as such!!

  6. Pauline R - yours was one of the stories that got me really riled. Your comments on the forum post yesterday got me going on this little story!!

  7. I'm not even selling on Folksy anymore - I happened to close up shop there about a week before all this happened - and I was selling fine art photography (printed at a professional lab, to those who think home printing is somehow not good enough! (see the comments on the Folksy blog), so I wouldn't have been affected by this directly. It has taken Folksy a long time, and they have taken a lot of people's listing and commission fees, before they showed their true colours. They are greedy, and they are unprofessional, and I am so sympathetic towards those who were at one time selling quite happily there, paying their 20ps and they 5%s, only to be told now that they are not good enough. It's disgusting - shame on you Folksy.

  8. Gnomead, this is fabulous. It's really appreciated, and the fact that your shop is wholly or majority OK for future selling makes it even more touching that you are willing to put this kind of thing out there on behalf of those that were affected.

    Thank you.