Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Camera Confession!

I'm sure some of you may remember me ranting and raving about my lovely SLR camera finally giving up and the fact that similar replacement cameras cost way more than I can afford right now. In fact I had turned into a right camera other kind of camera was going to do, I had to have an expensive SLR or I was going to sulk for the rest of my life!!

Well...I have a small confession to make.....I started to use a little Kodak Easyshare, cheap as chips camera which is actually meant to be a present for the MIL, just as a stand in until we visited her. Yes, it is tiny, it doesn't have all the fancy buttons (half of which I never learnt to use on my other camera!) and it really bugs me that it doesn't have a viewfinder just a screen takes lovely pictures!! I've had to have a bit of a rethink about my lifetime sulk.....maybe a little cheap camera would do just as good a job as my hugely expensive, much-loved SLR......maybe........


  1. beautiful photos! I say, why not? At least until you can afford to splurge on the 'dream' camera.
    now I want a raspberry!

  2. Why not compromise and get a compact camera with a decent lens and good macro facility? Then you can take your time to save up for your ideal high end SLR. Mine (a Ricoh Caplio R7) has 8x optical zoom and will do macro to around 1cm with a clear picture. (It cost me £180 a couple of years ago) I'd love a good SLR with a huge zoom lens like my daughter's but I couldn't carry it around with me!
    Good flower pics by the way :)

  3. Beautiful photos!
    My camera has been one indulgence that I have never regreted :)
    I just feel that the memories are worth the best capture.
    We have a Sony Alpha which is similar to the Canon Rebel. I have found it to be a really good, easy to use all rounder.

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