Monday, 9 May 2011

Dress A Girl Around The World....

I've just started making some lovely little pillowcase dresses for ' Dress A Girl Around The World' charity. Their aim is to make and send dresses to less privileged countries so that every girl has at least one pretty dress to wear. I heard about this from a lovely lady on Folksy  Sew Scrumptious who has fantastically taken the organising and sending of dresses from this country to the charities base in America.

Although these are called pillowcase dresses they don't have to be made form these, I've opted for some lovely (if a little loud!) patchwork pattern material.....all cut out ready to be sewn up into a cute (if a little loud!) dress!!
If you fancy having a go at this very simple pattern (on Little Big Girls Blog)  and send them through to Sew Scrumptious please get in contact with her. It would be great to be part of sending over loads of these dresses and show our support.


  1. Hello – I came across your blog site as I have been trying to find out if there is a UK branch of Dress a Girl around the World, since reading about the organization in my copy of SEW HIP magazine, I have felt really inspired to get making and to help. I even blogged about, as to encourage people who can sew and those who feel they cannot to take part, the pillow case dress is just too easy not to make and also could inspire people to make a version that could fit them if they wanted, with a sense of achievement all around. Thanks for posting – debra - debrafide

  2. What a beautiful idea! Thank you for these links. I'll be passing them along to some clever seamstresses I know.
    And if I can grab a moment or two, I'll make one up as well I think!

  3. Now following you! Thanks so much for joining in. Can't wait to see your dresses! Louise x