Thursday, 5 May 2011

Could you get hooked??...

After a week of wondering what to do next I seem to have come back to one of my favourite pastimes....hooking!! No, not fish or even crochet but this kind of thing.....

These are all ones either already sold or for sale in my Folksy shop.!!

After searching on the internet I am quite surprised by how few people out there actually make hooked rugs / wall hangings etc.....there doesn't seem to be very many at all!! After selling a few and having so many positive comments about others, it's obviously not because people don't like this sort of thing so I have to wonder why!!?? Maybe the time taken to make these just makes them not worth it (they do take a while!!) or something else.....who knows?

But as I enjoy doing these and want to focus on something a little bit different for a while I'm going to launch head first into some different themes and ideas in the hand hooked this space!!


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