Friday, 18 June 2010

Summer Madness....

I feel like I've done loads and got nothing done for the last few weeks!! This blog, my Folksy shop, twitter and everything else has been seriously neglected!! It's just been a bit mad, so here is a quick catch up.....

1. I've now finished my charity exhibition piece, then completely forgot to get pictures of it before handing it in...dur!

2. Worked with hubby on a couple of jobs which ended up being very long days painting and decorating.

3. Visited the Mother-In-Law and did some more painting (of fences and gates this time!) I decided this may be the way to go if all else fails, it's really quite pleasant sitting in the sunshine, on my own, having people chat to you as they wander past with their dogs! This could be a new business venture!!!

4. Helped out in the craft tent at Party In The Park, which is a fantastic family fun day run by our local church.

5. Been busy making things for the monthly craft fayre at the end of the month, some lovely little felted purses.....soon to be seen here and on Folksy!!
..... and all the usual family things that go on.....

And..... tomorrow we are off for another three night camp with our Home Ed group, I'm busy getting some bits ready so I can sit and sew linings and zips in purses and maybe even knit a few more. We'll see how many actually get done!!

I will be back for a while after that, so I must get a stack of bits listed on Folksy and Zibbett and get a move on with the craft fayre's never ending!!!

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  1. Sound like you are a busy lady... take a breather now and then won't you.
    Beverley x