Saturday, 26 June 2010

Beautiful Things in Unexpected Places!!

It's been a busy day today, up this morning to get along to Woolfest . It's a bit of a drive over but goes through some of the Lake Districts most beautiful countryside. Although I really enjoyed it, looking at all the gorgeous woolliness , It was a bit different to what I expected. I guess I thought there would be more little crafty type stalls but most of it seemed to be supplies, loads of fleeces, felt and skeins of wool. I'm sure if I had gone with a pocket full of money and a big shopping list then I would have felt a bit happier but in the end I came out with a few balls of plain 100% wool and a lovely skein of handpainted wool and that was it!!! The experience probably wasn't helped by having two very tired and hot children with us!

And no pictures either....after getting an extremely snooty, stroppy attitude of one of the stall holders after I had taken a picture I suddenly realised that the majority of them had polite notices up asking for no photos to be taken...oops! 

Still...we then went of to the seaside for some munchies and a paddle before heading home through some more beautiful countryside. 
That was until the brakes failed coming down a particularily windy, steep hill...aargh. Hubbie did a sterling job of getting down safely and fortunately our breakdown cover is up to date! On the plus side we couldn't have broken down in a more picturesque area!!

While waiting to be rescued I took the kids down to have a look at a little chapel down the road...WOW!

It's just a little church but beuatifully looked after, with the most amazing prayer kneelers you could imagine. Each one was hand stitched (cross stitch - I think!) and each one had a little note sewn to the back saying who had made it, who it was made for, and a dedication...a real labour of love! It's amazing what you find in the most unexpected places. Here are just a few of our favourite ones........gorgeous!


Aren't they just something really special and only 'discovered' because our car broke down!! We got home safely in the end but I will definately be going back to that little church when we pass next!


  1. Goodness that was a bit of an odysey wasnt it?! Glad hubby managed to get you down the hill safe! & that you had a nice time on the beach and at the little church. The kneelers sound wonderful, how nice for each to have a little note sewn on like that!

  2. What a lovely day it turned out to be! (Sorry about the car of course).

    Fiona @ Christals Creations

  3. So no llamas came home with you then? Glad you had a good day, but snottiness from exhibitors is not nice to receive. The chapel looks amazing and you'd never have stopped there by choice. Some things are meant to be.