Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Etsy Rookie!!

Yes, it's official, I'm now an Etsian too!! It's only taken me a few months to decide (!) and I'm sure everyone on my Facebook is fed up with my indecision but's done!! Come and have a look and let me know what you kind!! WoollyLakes Etsy Shop

Here is just a sneaky pick of the few items I have on there at the moment, this will be added to as I make more..


  1. Good luck on Etsy. Hope you do well

  2. Good for you Naomi, hope you do well on there! I've favourited you :)
    I LOVE your Love Britain Range, and think your shop looks great. What size are the Union Jack hearts?

  3. Thanks! I've just found you on Etsy too!! Still trying to figure out my way around it but getting there. The hearts are approx 5"high x 6" wide....there's always something I forget to put on listings!!