Sunday, 27 March 2011

Up, up and away........maybe!!

From our garden.......

 Mum, there's a hot air balloon in the field...... Is it landing?

 It's landing, it's landing, it's going to hit the trees......shall we call the emergency services yet!!??
 Don't panic, it's going up, it might land in the farm's field.....
 No, it's OK it's still going up...
 ....and down's a kangaroo air balloon...
Still not sure where it was meant to be going but it disappeared from view!! 

On the crafty front, I've been making a batch of Tote Bags from some curtain samples.

My  weekly friday market stall has now come to an end because next week I start working at the local sewing shop one day a week instead.....exciting but a bit scary! I've not worked in a shop since I was about sixteen but I get a steady wage, great discounts and five whole days paid holiday a year!!


  1. When I was about 8 a hot air balloon came down in the srub land up from our house one Sunday eve. We'd all been bathed and were about to go to bed so by the time we got up there it was being packed up. Very exciting though!

    Great use of curtain fabric samples!

  2. How exciting to have a hot air balloon so close!
    I hope your new job is going well x