Saturday, 12 February 2011

Pink, Turquiose AND Orange??!!

Yes, I wouldn't have put them together either but that's what she (being a friend of mine) wanted!! Not the normal , run-of-the-mill purse but it came out quite well.....I think!! I've been told off for moaning about making this on Facebook so I won't here BUT it took me AGES! Not that it was difficult but just trying to get everything in that she wanted  without it looking tacky. You can't see very clearly but there are little triangle patterns on the turquoise bits and the pom-poms look fun but I hope I never have to make another one that small!! ......oops ...that was just a little moan!!

Anyway, she seemed to love it so alls well that ends well!!


  1. I think the colours are really super...and I'm loving those pom-poms!

  2. Its veery sweet! I really like it (love the colours too)