Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wheels, Wellies and Webs......

My blog is still feeling a bit neglected. I have been a bit tied up in other things just recently but I WILL get back on track.......(I think!)

Since the last post, my daughter has learnt to ride (at last!!) so we have finally managed to go on a family bike ride.....hooray! My bike has been going rusty in our garden for about four years and I was desperate to get on it again. Pre children, and pre living 'oop north' I cycled to work most days, my route taking me past Windsor castle (in the distance!), through Eton and along the Thames...fantastic ride....

So we packed up the bikes and spent a lovely day cycling along the side of Lake Windermere to Wray Castle, stopped for lunch at 'Swallows and Amazons Cove' (named by the kids) and then cycled back good!! Cycling always gives me the feeling of complete freedom, wind in your hair, beautiful scenery...what more could you want?? Maybe not the sore backside the day after!!

On Wednesday while my hubbie took my daughter for a surprise horse ride with a friends horse (part of the birthday treat too!) me and little laddy went and rescued some veg from our overgrown, wild garden!! Couldn't believe it.....we had a whole heap of lovely yummy stuff growing out there. Made the most delicious broth tonight with some of the proud of ourselves!!
AND last but not least.....

MY WEBSITE IS UP AND RUNNING..........YAY!!   I'm sooo happy, I did most of it myself so it's not completely professional but it's MINE!!!

Go and have a look and let me know what you think (honestly please!!) WoollyLakes Website


  1. I have just had a look at your website, its lovely, well done.
    I love cycling too, and try to cycle as often as possible. when the lads were younger and we lived in surrey we often used to take all 4 bikes and cycle around windsor park.
    I fancy maybe the lake district might be a bit too hilly for me though.

  2. Your website is lovely - well done, especially if you did it all yourself!

    I used to bike ride everywhere, but when we lived in London, we had three (four?) bikes stolen between us, so I haven't riden a bike for 10 years!

    Could do with one for round here, but the thought of collapsing half way to anywhere has put me off ;-)

    Sam x (A Simple Melody)